May 10

Indian Marriage Dance Funny

Those who are from India, knows how we celebrate marriages in India. It’s one of the biggest event in anyone family. Specially friends get together to celebrate their friend’s marriage. Specially at the time of “Baraat”, all family members and friends dance to share the joy of marriage of groom.  Anyways, here is a funny Indian Marriage Dance which happened on someone marriage. There are many times, many funny incident happens in traditional Indian marriage, where bride goes to groom house in a horse. I’m […]

Mar 28

Facebook Addiction is as Bad as Doping [Funny Pic]

We all know how good Facebook is and most of you including me is addicted to Facebook. Here is a funny pic which shows a girl doping Facebook. (snotting cocaine on Facebook text). If you are a Facebook lover, you might like to share this on Facebook. Image credit: Unknown

Aug 06

Life Explained in The form of Image

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Here is a meaningful image which explain the course of life. How you born single, meet some one and create family and after that: Don’t forget to share it on Facebook and Twitter with your friends.. Do let us know, if this image make sense to you?

Jul 02

FIFA 2010 World cup funny advertisements

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FIFA world cup 2010 is going on and every one is talking about Football. Internet is full of serious news about World cup updates and technical strategy by teams. In next few days World cup is going to end and I’m sure before that you must be feeling tensed about the result this time. Here is a collection of Some Funny FIFA World cup advertisements: Check out original post for complete collection

May 03

What Women Really mean

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Women’s are hard to understand and a real fact is what ever they say have different meaning. For example when a women says “Everything is Fine”  it really mean- Something is pissing her off. Watch this funny how to understand a women image which talks about what women really mean when they say these 9 words: <credit> How many of you believe that it’s hard to completely know and understand a women. If you still believe you can, watch above funny image again.

May 02

8 Mind-Blowing Advertisement Ideas

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One of the main reasons most of the companies put big hoardings in the road side is for brand awareness. How many ads really catch you attention? Here is a collection of cool 8 advertisements which will surely draw your attention. Do let us know what do you think about these advertisements. If you enjoyed these images, don’t forget to share it on Facebook, Twitter and Stumble-upon.

May 01

Tattoos Gone Wrong : Funny Tattoo Pictures

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Many people like me are fascinated about Tattoo and getting your Tattoo from right place is  very important. If you planning to get it done from any random place, watch these Tattoos Gone Wrong images to realize biggest Tattoo mistakes : Awesome or Awsome Are you Daddy boy or Daddies Boy?   And Tomorrow will never come That’s a real Tragedy:p We need no Boundaries \\m// Do let us know which tattoo you are planning to get?

Mar 14

10 Funny Pictures to make you smile

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After my earlier collection of Height of laziness,  Cheating husbands, funny strange and weird images. Here is another collection of funny images which can give you some smile moment. Do let us know do you find these images funny enough to make you smile… If you like these images, Don’t forget to share this post by tweeting .

Mar 08

How to Learn Programming [Funny Comic]

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Programming itself is a tough thing to do and learning programming is a continuous process. Doesn’t matter how much you read and implement, you will always be two steps behind the perfection. Here is a Funny comic on the lifespan of a Programmer : <Credit>

Mar 08

Funniest SignBoards Inside a Zoo

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Few funny images and signboards from a Zoo. If you like to collect funny images, you will love this collection. The funniest among all is Alligator Mating season. Do let me know which is the funniest among all.