Aug 04

Jism 2 Review : A Disastrous Acting and Bad story Line

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Let me be honest with you, I was excited about Jism 2. I wanted to see how Pooja Bhatt managed to make top pornstar Sunny Leone act in a bollywood movie. More over, the initial buzz created in media and songs of Jism 2 gave me all the reasons to go ahead and watch this movie. But, in the end I ended up writing this Jism 2 review, so that like me and others you will not keep your expectations high. Warning: Don’t watch this […]

Apr 06

Kingdom of Dreams Gurgaon : THE MAGICAL KINGDOM

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Few days back, I happened to Visit India and I happened to visit one of the elegant places in Gurgaon: Kingdom of dreams. This is my first try for writing a review and my feedback about place I visited, so don”t expect pro-writing style.  I got to know about Kingdom of dreams form a friend who highly recommended to visit this tourist spot based in Gurgaon. And on one fine weekend, I along with friends, went to visit the place. It was about 40 minutes […]

May 10

Indian Marriage Dance Funny

Those who are from India, knows how we celebrate marriages in India. It’s one of the biggest event in anyone family. Specially friends get together to celebrate their friend’s marriage. Specially at the time of “Baraat”, all family members and friends dance to share the joy of marriage of groom.  Anyways, here is a funny Indian Marriage Dance which happened on someone marriage. There are many times, many funny incident happens in traditional Indian marriage, where bride goes to groom house in a horse. I’m […]

May 02

President Obama Official Announcement on Death of Osama bin Laden

Osama Bin  laden who is wanted in many countries for it’s terrorist activities has bee killed by U.S Army on sunday. U.S Army attacked Alquida chief hideout which is a small northwestern town of Abbottabad on sunday and killed him along with his one son. Here is a video in which U.S President Obama, addresses the nation and announces the death of Al Quida chief and notorious Terrorist Osama bin laden. It’s good to see that a man who is responsible for death of thousand of people is […]

Mar 28

Facebook Addiction is as Bad as Doping [Funny Pic]

We all know how good Facebook is and most of you including me is addicted to Facebook. Here is a funny pic which shows a girl doping Facebook. (snotting cocaine on Facebook text). If you are a Facebook lover, you might like to share this on Facebook. Image credit: Unknown

Jan 10

Tanu Weds Manu Bollywood Comedy Movie Trailer

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After a long time I have seen some nice Indian comedy movie flick. Tanu Weds Manu seems to be a masala comedy film starring R. Madhavan and Kangana Ranuat. I won’t comment more on this movie, as trailer itself talks a lot. More over you will love the song “Sadi galli” from this movie. Do share your views about this movie. Word of caution, this movie contains some uncensored dialogue.

Jan 08

No One Killed Jessica Movie Review

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Being an Indian, I’m sure you must have heard of Jessica Lal Hatyakand. Just in case if you missed it, Jessica was a model and she was shot dead in a pub in 1999 by Manu Sharma. Though using Power and money, Manu managed to escape the lower court, but after 7 years due to public and media pressure, high court reopened this case in fast track and found Manu as guilty of charge. This movie is based on same story and no doubt it’s […]

Nov 06

Action Replay Bollywood Movie Review 2010

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Action replay movie was directed by Vipul shah and was released on the eve of Diwali. Probably not so great day for movie release. The same day another movie (Golmaal 3) was released which is also a comedy flick and already have a great fan following with its earlier Golmaal 1 and Golmaal 2. Action replay is a typical comedy movie which is based on a time travelling plot.  Start cast of movie was strong that includes Akshay Kumar, Aishwarya Rai, Neha dhupia. Though what […]

Aug 06

Life Explained in The form of Image

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Here is a meaningful image which explain the course of life. How you born single, meet some one and create family and after that: Don’t forget to share it on Facebook and Twitter with your friends.. Do let us know, if this image make sense to you?

Jul 13

Paul The Octopus Song by Parry Gripp

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After Fifa World Cup 2010 who doesn’t know Paul the Octopus. He predicted winner of the Football match, before every game and his prediction was never wrong. Here is a song dedicated to Paul the Octopus by Parry Gripp: Do let us know if you love Paul the octopus and this song?