Best Teachers Day Celebration Activity Ideas

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Teachers Day is Celebrated almost in every school, college and other academic institutions. As Teachers play important role in growth of student’s career. On this occasion, teachers seek to celebrate this very day as by seeing and enjoying the contributions they have made in the student’s academic life. Teachers enjoy activities performed on the event, with fun-frolic competitions and games hosted by students.

Below are some best teachers day celebration activities:

Mimicry of Teachers

image Some students are really talented to imitate, mimic, or copy facial expression of their teachers, which can really form a humorous environment.


image Dancing, Singing and Other Presentations can really Interact Teachers by means of polling, judgement and

Informal Chat Session


Teachers and Students get very rare instances to sit-talk, open-share stuff, as an informal chat. It will help student gaining exposure and other academic talks.


image Indoor Games as well as well Outdoor Games should be organized for leisure. There can be Teacher vs Student Cricket Game or may be Carom Competitions.

ThankYou Speech


Students Hosting the Event can really end the session by showing their gratitude towards their teachers. There can be a cocktail of inspiring teachers day quotes , teachers day speeches, thanksgiving and partying out with them.

Teacher you guided me in every path of life.. what is wrong and what is right… leading me from darkness to light, teacher you’re a perfect guide. Happy Teachers Day. Enjoy the the day out with your Teacher as…

“I am indebted to my father for living, but to my teacher for living well.”

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