May 02

8 Mind-Blowing Advertisement Ideas

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One of the main reasons most of the companies put big hoardings in the road side is for brand awareness. How many ads really catch you attention? Here is a collection of cool 8 advertisements which will surely draw your attention. Do let us know what do you think about these advertisements. If you enjoyed these images, don’t forget to share it on Facebook, Twitter and Stumble-upon.

May 01

Tattoos Gone Wrong : Funny Tattoo Pictures

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Many people like me are fascinated about Tattoo and getting your Tattoo from right place is  very important. If you planning to get it done from any random place, watch these Tattoos Gone Wrong images to realize biggest Tattoo mistakes : Awesome or Awsome Are you Daddy boy or Daddies Boy?   And Tomorrow will never come That’s a real Tragedy:p We need no Boundaries \\m// Do let us know which tattoo you are planning to get?

Mar 14

10 Funny Pictures to make you smile

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After my earlier collection of Height of laziness,  Cheating husbands, funny strange and weird images. Here is another collection of funny images which can give you some smile moment. Do let us know do you find these images funny enough to make you smile… If you like these images, Don’t forget to share this post by tweeting .

Mar 08

Funniest SignBoards Inside a Zoo

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Few funny images and signboards from a Zoo. If you like to collect funny images, you will love this collection. The funniest among all is Alligator Mating season. Do let me know which is the funniest among all.

Jan 07

Height Of Laziness

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Laziness is not a disease but it’s something that many people might not be proud of. Anyways, it doesn’t matter if you and me are lazy or not, here I’m sharing some Laziness funny images to give you Lazy laugh. I used to think that I’m the Laziest guy around but I realize I’m so wrong when I saw images of these lazy people around the globe. Do let us know which is the laziest image among all lazy images. Share your Lazyness Story?

Sep 10

Cheating Husband

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Some one said Dogs are more loyal then a husband, though being a man I will never agree with it. But one thing which I have learned from other mistakes no matter what never ever cheat your girlfriend or wife. Else your picture might be added here like these cheating husbands. Instead of directly going for divorce, See what these females have done to their cheating husbands. So what do you think? Do you still dare to cheat your Wife or Girlfriend? If you enjoyed […]

Aug 08

Funny Strange and Weird Images

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Here is another collection of Funny and Weird Images, For previous series, have a look at : Environment friendly Green Railway Station Best Spot for Advertisement Obama checking out Girl Funny image What Are you looking at? Kids all reason to be smile and happy Here goes the today collection of Weird and funny images, if you like the post, feel free to give a tweet or thumbs up. Do let us know, which one you find the most hilarious?

Jul 15

Best Spot for Advertisement

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This is the creativity or Advertisement fail. Watch closely and you will realize what could be the best and Worse place for advertising. 1. Nike – Just Do it. 2. Coca Cola 3. Colgate – Tooth Paste 4. Master card : Cash Machine. If you like the post don’t forget to tweet and stumble the post.

Jul 12

How Internet made Blind Dating Tough ?

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Internet is a revolutionary tool. We have several online dating websites to find the best date, though apart from boon we have several downside of Internet technology on Blind dating : Internet Blind dating : Man Approaching Women Internet Blind dating : Women Approaching man If you like this post, don’t forget to give a review on Stumble upon. Also see : Obama Checking Out girl Kids : All reason to Smile Let me see what have you got

Jul 10

What are you looking at?

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Found this really funny Picture of Ostrich. Let me know where is this Ostrich looking at? Credit Other Funny images  : Kids all reason to smile IQ test : How smart are you? Let me see what you have got?